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The Noar Foundation seeks to enhance the quality of life of people of developing nations and create a coordinated global approach to overall development at the local community level.

By emphasizing and synchronizing improvements in healthcare delivery, economic empowerment, educational advancement, respect for the environment and the richness of cultural diversity, communities are enabled to experience sustainable socioeconomic growth allowing for the preservation of the family, social and community identity.

The Foundation's unique and successful approach to global model programming is designed to facilitate interest to duplicate and disseminate similar, although locally adapted, efforts in other communities, and serve as a learning center for the export and dispersal of ideas, equal opportunity, and sustainable growth.


Building a cybercafe in Togo


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The Noar Foundation for global community development

Donations are tax decuctible in the USA. We are registered in the USA as a 501(C)3 Not-For-Profit Organization